ଆଧୁନିକ ଶିକ୍ଷା ଇନ୍ଦ୍ରଧନୁ

ସବୁ ସମୟରେ, ଶିକ୍ଷା ରଙ୍ଗରେ I ନୂଆ ଯୁଗର ଯୁଗାନ୍ତକାରୀ ଶିକ୍ଷା |
Study any topic, anytime. Explore thousands of courses..




Conceptual Animated Video+ Daily Practice Paper+ Live Classes.


Conceptual Animated Video+ Daily Practice Paper+ Easy Description of Ready-made Notes+ Live Classes.


Personalized Live Classes

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We thrive on a simple formula: Learn + Practice + Apply + Test = Excel

Education With Animated Video

A concept is best-absorbed when a child can see with his own eyes. Visual learning makes the best impact.

We Provide All Study Materials

We provide high-quality, concise study materials to deliver conceptual education in the most easy way possible.

360-Degree Solutions For Student

Personalised Learning App

Study any topic, anytime. Explore thousands of courses.

Personalised Online Tutoring Program

A unique teacher model provides you for better understanding.

Our Teaching Methods

Live Class Platform

Live Class Platform- This helps the student to directly interact with the teacher which helps them to enhance their knowledge.

Doubt Clearing Sessions

Teachers of ETUSON are available to clear doubts at any needed time. A student can attach picture files, send voice message or could send his queries in text form.

Study Materials

Simplest form of ready-made notes are present to ease the burden of students.

Exam Preparation

Daily basis practice papers with solved answers are present to boost up the confidence in every student. This is designed to lesser the phobia of exams and to track your performance.

Personalized Tutorials

One to one mentoring and guidance undoubtedly helps every student to grow well as they get a chance to directly ask their questions to teacher.

Animated Lesson Videos

Watching videos and learning is way more fun and fruitful. These help in gaining a better and deeper way of understanding the concept. Animated videos create more interest among the students and they opt for it.

We Provide Quality Educations With Highly Skilled Teachers.

Education is best earned, when you learn from the best. At eTuson, we have highly qualified and experienced teachers on-board. They understand, each mind works in a unique way. Hence, to nurture them, they need a different approach. Our teachers build an ecosystem that’s designed for your child which in turn helps him absorb his learning in best way possible.

  • Promoting independent thinking
  • Deep, intuitive ways of making children understand the toughest of the concepts
  • Our team ensures regular and highly effective communication amongst parents & teachers

Trusted by over 3000 plus Students.

Dr. Mrutunjay Maharana

PhD, IIT Guwahati

When the entire world is moving towards digitalisation, I wonder why my rural schoolchildren are not getting benefits out of it? Many poor students in rural areas were not getting access to online classes, now can easily get benifits from our platform.

Since visualisation has much impact than simply studying. The kind of animated content we have developed has significant impact on students understanding and performance.

Let’s provide the children an education for better tomorrow.

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Happy Faces of Happy Students

Animated Videos has given me a proper way of better learning. This visualized way of learning is far interesting than any reading mode.

I was too scared to hear the word examination. But now it’s a matter of fact that not only my concepts are clear but also I can appear any given examination. This confident came by appearing repeated test papers present in the ETUSON app.

Preparing for my NEET exams was very tough. But the animated video facilities and the doubt clearing sessions was a great help. Including that I got to interact with the recent NEET pass out provided by ETUSON.

I’m a BSE student and live in a rural area. I suffer a lot of network issues and none other app has any facilities for BSE students. Thanks to ETUSON for considering us and the download option makes my learning easier.

I really love this platform as it is simple to use. With that it is very convenient as well as affordable. One stop platform for every possible way of learning.

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BHUBANESWAR: Mrutyunjay Maharana, an IIT-Guwahati alumnus and a researcher, left his high-paying job in China last year and created an online platform ‘Etuson’ with his friends to teach school students in Odisha. Now more than 800 students are regularly taking classes through the App.

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